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First, thanks to the users who suggested a MODELLER meeting. How can we

Of course, we love to facilitate and support the use of MODELLER as much
as we can. Perhaps at some point we will try to organize a modeller
users meeting ourselves, but right now is not a good time for our group,
because we are distracted by our move from the Rockefeller University to
UCSF next spring. Still, if somebody else were willing to take the
initiative to organize a meeting soon, I am confident some of us would
attend to help.

We are planning a major new release of MODELLER in January 2003, and, as
part of this new release, Bozidar Yerkovich is making sure that the
manual is complete and useful.

An important source of ideas and suggestions for the new manual is this
modeller users' mailing list. We would be most grateful if people sent
as many of their suggestions to Bozidar, so that he can incorporate them
into the manual. Maybe we should have a "Users Section" of the manual
were pieces from the users are given verbatim?

How to organize the modeller web site better? How to make sure that
everybody benefits from the experience of the contributors? How to
encourage contributions to the users list, the manual, the examples, and
MODELLER? How to improve the manual and the examples?

In the meantime, the simplest working examples are probably here

Thanks again,


Andrej Sali, Associate Professor
Rockefeller University
1230 York Avenue
New York, NY 10021, USA.
tel: +1 212 327 7550; fax 7540; secretary 7050; labs 7206, 7216
; http://salilab.org