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Re: Usage

Hi John,

Just remove that line. Default is CHAINS_3.5_95_XN.cod in modlib directory,
and you don't have to specify it explicitly. .cod file contains PDB codes.
Hence, the name 'cod'.

very-short-for-test.cod we used for testing long time ago. You can make your
own if you want, containing a subset of  CHAINS_3.5_95_XN.cod.

There is more about this in manual ;-)


> When I run 'mod sequence_search' I get an error "fullfn__230E> File not
> found:  very-short-for-test.cod"  What is the .cod file?  Here is a
> copy of my script.

> SET SEARCH_CHAINS_LIST = 'very-short-for-test.cod'
> So I made a file called "very-short-for-test.cod"
Bozidar Yerkovich, PhD
Rockefeller University
New York, NY, 10021, USA