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Re: [modeller_usage] import errors

Mauricio Carrillo Tripp wrote:
> You where right, I unset the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable and the error went
> away.
> libsvml.so is indeed in the same location as libmodeller.so.4
> However, it took me back to the initial problem:
>  export -p LD_LIBRARY_PATH=
>  export -p PYTHONHOME=/usr/lib64/python2.3/
>  export MODINSTALL9v5=/****/modeller9v5
>  export EXECUTABLE_TYPE9v5=x86_64-intel8
>  export -p LIBS_LIB9v5=${MODINSTALL9v5}/modlib/libs.lib
>  export KEY_MODELLER9v5=****
>  export -p PATH=${PATH}:${MODINSTALL9v5}/bin
> ## limit  stacksize unlimited

This problem is most likely caused by your setting PYTHONHOME. You don't
 actually need to set *any* of the environment variables you have above
(except PATH, I guess, unless you want to put in the full path to
modpy.sh) - clear them all and the problem should go away.

BTW, there is also no need to set any of these variables to run the
mod9v5 script - it sets them itself anyway. Maybe you are reading a very
old version of the Modeller documentation? We certainly don't recommend
setting any environment variables these days.

	Ben Webb, Modeller Caretaker
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