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Re: library error

Hi Dinesh,

sometimes there is problem with hidden characters when using modeller.
If you have "TAB" or empty line end characters or  no new line at the
end of the top or alignment  or coordinate file, modeller tends to crash
with I/O error, i.e. with INPUT/OUTPUT reading error.

please check your files for this kind of possible problems.

dkabic01 wrote:
> hi
> I am using modeller version 6.0 and I am getting this error message when it
> reads my alignment file:
> "
> lib-4194 : UNRECOVERABLE library error
> Encountered during a sequential formatted READ from an internal file
> (character variable)
> IOT Trap
> Abort (core dumped)
> "
>  I would be highly obliged if somebody could guide me this problem
> bye
> dinesh