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Re: starting problem (fwd)

You make similar file like ali using your sequence and a homologus
structure(s) and follow the steps as explained in the modeller manual.
There is a modeller users form. You please mail your quary to them. I am
copieing this e-mail to them.

Best .../BVB

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Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 14:23:15 +0530 (GMT+5:30)
From: Gowthaman R <>
To: Boojala Reddy <>
Subject: Re: starting problem

hi reddy
this is gowtham a graduate student doing phd at ICGEB New delhi.

im planning to do some 3d predictions using the modeller

i installed adn the tutorial  is running fine.

now i would like to use some malarial protiens but i donot kow how to get
the input files like .ali files ...... im unable to start my work.

can u help me out in this regard.........and it is bit urgent.

i would be thankful to u verymuch

waiting for ur reply