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Re: mkspline_E

hello Luca,

You need to be sure that the templates superpose reasonable well and can
be aligned to the target, (reasonable well). I think this error comes
up, if the produced alignment is 50% or twice longer as the input
sequences, i.e. no reasonable starting framework can be produced.

There is a slight chance that modeller fools you (depending on which
older version you use): try to put the longest template sequence as the
first in the alignment in the ali file and call it first from the top
file when defining templates. 

If it does not work, take a look at the superposed structures and remove
the one which is the most divergent from the rest. 

If case you use fully automated modeller, than another step would be to
produce the input alignment among the templates and target separately,
and provide it as an input to modeller (and be sure that the length of
the  alignment  is not unreasonable longer than the input sequences).

in fact, there is a chance that in older versions problems with spline
restraints can be produced with extremely similar input templates too

I think it is a good idea that you stick with mod4 to finish your
project, however you can get more help in the future if you switch to
the newest version, that is currently mod6v1, downloadable from our web
site. We are not going to fix any problems in these 5-6 year old codes.

best wishes,

Luca Settimo wrote:
> Dear modeller,
> I was using still modeller 4 (just to complete one work that I was
> doing)
> I have one problem, I m building a model using 7 templates (I made a
> structural alignment that I am using to build my model).
> Everything works fine...
> except that for one situation (so my input file top and ali are
> correspondent, except the sequence that I have to model... like you can
> immagine)
> and I have this message:
> mkspline_E> too many parameters, increase MPRMCNS
> if I remove one template it works fine...
> what does it mean this message? how can I still use 7 templates?
> Luca
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