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Re: Strange Error


one potential Modeller read error may originate from the problem if you
do not have a line feed at the end of your ali file.
So, when you genereate your alignment with perl, do not forget a \n in
the last print command.

by opening and saving a file in pico or vi, a carriage return is
automatically added to your file.


Michael Buck wrote:
> I am having the following error message:
> rdpir___270E> Error reading/processing file:  tempalign
> recover____E> ERROR_STATUS >= STOP_ON_ERROR:        1       1
> I can fix the problem by open my alignment file "tempalign" and resaving it
> with a unix text editor like pico, even if I don't change any thing in the
> file it will then work fine.  Does anybody know what is causing this error?
>  I use perl scripts to write my alignment files and can't find what is
> causing the error.  Is there a hidden character I can't see?
> Thanks,
> Michael Buck
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