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re:MODELLER for OsX (Was: MODELLER 6v2 available)


I would also be very interested in getting am Mac OS X version of Modeller.



>I guess, eventually. We have come a long way since the last year by
>increasing a number of executables from 4 to 7, including IBM and Windows.  
>OsX is still fairly new, and it's still not quite certain how scientific
>community will react to it. Our resources and time are limited and at this
>time only if we find someone who is willing to devote their energy to port
>it for OsX we will do it.
>I hope this will not prevent you from using MODELLER.
>All the best,
>On Thu, 30 May 2002, Stefano Ciurli wrote:
>> Hi
>> is there any way to get some day the version of Modeller for Mac OS X?
>> Stefano.

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