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System crash!

Hi Modellers,

I am facing a problem with Modeller6V2.  I am using
Red hat Linux (7.2). The system crashes when I try to
model my protein. Tutorial and some other proteins run
fine. My protein has 500 residues. It creates .ini
file, and then after few seconds, it crashes. I get
something like this:

Ooops: 000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010 : [<c019ea747>]
Kernel panic:Aiee, killing interrupt handler. In
interrrupt handler.. not syncing

The same protein can be modelled using Modeller4 (Red
hat 6.2, on another computer). I can send the log file
if required. Can anyone help me to resolve the

One more point: Is it possible to run modeller4 as
well as modeller6v2 on the same machine? I am getting
a 'command not found' error with modeller4, while
mod6v2 works okay.

Thanks in advance.



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