This page shows a number of applications of IMP to biological systems. They can be adapted to tackle other similar problems, or to add new input data to an existing system.

Each system links to its web page, where all the input files can be found, complete with running instructions. Most systems are permanently archived (via DOIs) at Zenodo; newer systems are also deposited at PDB-Dev.

Every system is periodically tested with the latest version of IMP to make sure it works. The most recent version of IMP that it works with is shown below (or see all builds).

See the IMP manual for information on adding a new system to this page.

All systems with the in-vivo FRET tag are shown. [Show all systems]

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affinity purification allostery analysis benchmark Brownian dynamics C3 C3b chemical crosslinks chromatin coiled-coils COSMIC cryo-EM cysteine crosslinks drosophila melanogaster EM EM class average EM density map endogenous complex escape mutations FoXS FRET glycosylation iC3 in-vivo FRET ISAMBARD mass spectrometry model MODELLER multi-state MultiFit nanobodies native mass spec NMR pEMAP PMI PMI1 quantitative crosslinking SAXS SEC-MALLS shape-complementarity TADs threading X-ray yeast two-hybrid

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Modeling of the yeast spindle pole body (SPB) [more...]

Last worked with IMP stable release (main branch): 2.21.0
Last worked with IMP nightly build (develop branch): 2024-06-02